Diversity is not a straightforward issue to tackle – especially when it’s just one of many challenges pulling on your time, resource and expertise. Tackled right, however, it can help you build a better workforce and even change an industry.

The Stafford Long diversity team are market leaders in this area – with over nine years’ experience and multiple awards to our name. We make it our job to stay ahead of the latest diversity challenges, news and research across issues around gender, disability, LGBT, ethnicity and social mobility. We’ve fostered diversity networks across the country and have helped a variety of clients to build diversity into their campaigns, track success and adapt their strategy. Think of us as a specialist wing of your department. Below are some examples of what we can do – and you can find out even more at our dedicated diversity events website.

Client specific event

Client-specific events

We design, market, source and select the students for a number of client-specific events each year, from female insight days to fast-track entry events for technology students. How each event runs varies – though typically, they take place in the client’s offices, giving them the chance to run sessions, network directly with the attendees, and even fast-track the best onto a selection process.

Intra-industry events

Often, diversity challenges affect an entire industry. In those cases, it pays for organisations in the same industry to work together. So, each year we organise several intra-industry diversity events across different sectors – attracting, for example, females into investment banking or students with disabilities into commercial law.

Media and diversity partners

We work with a number of media companies that can help you reach the audience you want. We also collaborate with and draw on the expertise of organisations like Great with Disability, Stonewall and Elevation Networks.

Diversity event

Recruitment materials

Sometimes it’s all about finding the right message. We’re able to create a whole gallery’s worth of materials – whether that’s websites, films, emails, brochures or ads – that can attract niche diversity groups in the right way.

Sharing the message internally

A diversity strategy is toothless without your employees on board. Trouble is, you need to give your people the confidence and the forums to openly discuss diversity as an opportunity – not a subject to be spoken about in hushed tones. Whether through training seminars, videos or face-to-face events, we can help you plan, execute and communicate your diversity policies and initiatives in ways that employees will respond to – and feel comfortable and empowered to discuss openly.

Diversity events

Early careers

If you’re thinking about bringing in talent for apprenticeships, sponsored degrees or other similar programmes, we can help you reach out through our network of schools contacts.